Wayne State Recipient of the Lara Rutan Scholarship 2020

Faith Gammouh, born in Southeast Michigan, is the youngest of four children and has always excelled from a young age. She began to speak both Arabic and English at age 2. She later learned how to write and read Arabic in high school and fine tuned this skill while in college. Faith was very active in her community, in school athletics, academics, and musically (taught herself to play piano at age 10!). She directed her focus towards a career in the health care field after tearing her meniscus while being Team Captain of her volleyball team. Faith was amazed at the numerous PAs who played an integral role in her surgical management and healing process. From that point forward, she became determined to become a PA.

In December 2018, 3.5 short years after beginning college, Faith received her Bachelor of Science, Summa Cum Laude from Wayne State University with a Co-Major in University Honors and Departmental Psychology Honors. Given her love for the city of Detroit, she took her chances in applying to her only school of interest. Shortly after, she began her PA journey at her Alma Mater, in May of 2019.

Faith is currently acting as Class President for the Class of 2021. She continues to be involved in her community through leading workshops to educate the future generation on health and fitness and volunteering at many Detroit based organizations. She enjoys playing sports leisurely, listening and creating music, and spending time with her family and friends. She is very grateful to have been chosen for this scholarship and plans to carry on Lara's legacy while aspiring to be the best PA-C she can be.
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